Why Grip Mobility

For Rideshare Companies

  • Gain real time visibility into indiviual rides to ensure safety and accountability
  • Deliver meaningful product enhancements to create a more secure experience for passengers and drivers
  • Reduce risk of in-ride incidents which jeopardize the safety of drivers and passengers

For Insurers

  • Reduce ambiguity when assessing claims
  • Increase transparency to create a more efficient dispute resolution process

Grip Mobility PLATFORM

Using a driver's dash-mounted cell phone, Grip Mobility software provides an uninterrupted audio/video feed of the vehicles interior. This feed can be accessed by ride-hailing operators and designated third parties in real time to ensure safety, or stored in the Cloud for use by relevant parties in dispute resolution.


Ride Share Safety Solution


Grip Mobility’s core product for the rideshare industry is its in-ride audio-video capture platform (patents issued and pending).


Using a driver's dash-mounted mobile phone, Grip Mobility software (SDK) provides an uninterrupted audio-video stream of the vehicle’s interior, manually or automatically operated, stored or livestreamed.


Stream can be accessed by rideshare operators or designated third parties in real time to ensure in-route safety or stored in the cloud for future reference.


Deployment API is highly configurable and can be customized to fit a broad range of operational models and regulatory requirements. White label integration allows for seamless automatic data capture with rideshare platforms.

Key Benefits


Actively recording audio and video from the vehicle’s interior reduces the risk of interpersonal conflict between in-transit parties creating a safer experience for drivers and passengers.


By reducing safety risks for drivers, Grip Mobility enables rideshare operators to expand their driver pools to more vulnerable populations such as female or elderly drivers or drivers in unsafe areas.


Access to full ride audio and video recordings ensures that rideshare operators and insurers are able to efficiently and justly resolve any in-ride disputes between drivers and passengers.


Having access to audio and video recordings ensures that rideshare operators are able to effectively work with authorities in the case of in-ride security incidents, significantly reducing the risk of liability or negative PR exposure.

Our Team

World class team of experienced, creative and passionate leaders in technology, safety and security. They have spent their careers addressing the big problems that impact human lives including how to solve the safety and security issues with today's transportation services.


Juliette Kayyem

Co-Founder and CEO

Juliette Kayyem is a Professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government where she is Faculty Chair of the Global Security Project. She previously served as Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security for President Obama. An author, Pulitzer Prize finalist and CNN national security analyst, she is a world-renowned security expert in the public and private sector.


Bilal Khan

Co-Founder and CPO

Bilal is an entrepreneur, veteran product and technology leader. Before founding Grip Mobility, he was Chief Product Officer of Internet of Things advanced solutions business at Verizon. He also led global conferencing including video, audio, web and enterprise mobility businesses. Visual Voicemail app on all mobile phones also grew from an idea to millions of customers under his leadership. He holds Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT.

Andrew Emmons

Andrew Emmons

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Emmons has spent most of his career helping young technology companies achieve growth and scale through strategic partnerships. Prior to joining Grip Mobility, Andrew helped Boston-based tech companies Bedrock Data (acquired by Formstack) and Bullhorn develop and scale channel sales strategies through VAR and ISV partner networks. Andrew holds an MBA from Babson College.

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